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Hakeem Jeffries' Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (NY) - District 8, Democratic Majority Conference Chair

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01/13/2021 Impeaching Donald John Trump, President of the United States, for High Crimes and Misdemeanors
01/07/2021 CNN "The Lead with Jake Tapper" - Transcript: Interview with Congressman Hakeem Jeffries
01/06/2021 Tweet - "Insurrection is a serious crime. Prosecute them ALL."
01/06/2021 Tweet - "Violent Trump supporters have stormed the Capitol. We're on lockdown right now in the Chamber. Blood will be on the hands of those perpetrating the big lie that Trump won."
01/06/2021 Tweet - "Team Democracy v. Team Sedition. On the House Floor. To certify the Presidential election. We will prevail #ForThePeople."
01/04/2021 Electing Members to Certain Standing Committees of the House of Representatives
01/03/2021 Rep. Jeffries Nominates Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of The House
12/28/2020 Rep. Jeffries Statement on Passage of The Cash Act
12/25/2020 Rep. Jeffries to Congressional Republicans: Do the Right Thing. Pass the Cash Act.
12/24/2020 Tweet - "House Dems have introduced the #CASHAct. The bill provides $2000 in direct payment checks to everyday Americans. We will get this done in our House. Will Senate Republicans join us?"
12/23/2020 Tweet - "The one thing this corrupt President can never reverse is his impeachment."
12/23/2020 Tweet - "House Dems will come back to DC today to pass $2000 per person direct payment checks. Mitch?"
12/22/2020 Tweet - "The COVID-19 relief package provides desperately needed assistance. To everyday Americans confronting homelessness, hunger & unemployment. But it's merely a down payment on what needs to happen. We begin to write the next bill today. So President Biden can sign it into law."
12/22/2020 Rep. Jeffries statement on funding for the First Step Act in omnibus spending bill
12/21/2020 Tweet - "Everyday Americans desperately need relief. Direct payment checks. Emergency unemployment benefits. Enhanced SNAP. Rental Assistance. Internet connectivity. Let's get this done TODAY."
12/20/2020 Tweet - "House Dems passed the Heroes Act 219 days ago."
12/19/2020 Tweet - "GOP Tax Scam increased the federal debt by $2,000,000,000,000 (two trillion). 83% of the benefits went to the wealthiest 1%. Senate Republicans are now lecturing us about fiscal austerity. During a pandemic. GET LOST."
12/18/2020 Tweet - "Hands that picked cotton helped raise these three lil homies from Brooklyn."
12/17/2020 Tweet - "We're in a pandemic. Direct payment checks to everyday Americans are ALWAYS essential."
12/16/2020 No Voter Fraud
12/15/2020 Tweet - "The Electoral College has spoken. Bill Barr has resigned. Vladimir Putin has conceded. Joe Biden is the next President. FACTS."
12/14/2020 Tweet - "Those in power who incite violence should be held accountable to the full extent of the law."
12/11/2020 Tweet - "More than 125 House Republicans are providing aid and comfort to the Trump insurrection. They apparently do not believe in free and fair elections. Why exactly should they be seated in the next Congress?"
12/10/2020 Tweet - "More than 3000 Americans died from COVID-19. YESTERDAY. Leadership matters. Look forward to the Biden-Harris administration."
12/10/2020 Reps. Jeffries, Garcia and Pressley Introduce Transit Parity Resolution

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