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Amy Klobuchar's Public Statements

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01/23/2022 Tweet - "Vaccines and boosters really do save lives."
01/22/2022 Tweet - "This is the first major technology bill on competition to advance to the Senate floor since the dawn of the internet! Very proud to lead it alongside @ChuckGrassley ."
01/21/2022 Tweet - "It's simple: we need to reform the system so Americans can get the drugs they need at prices they can afford."
01/21/2022 Klobuchar Statement on President Biden's Nomination of Dara Lindenbaum to be FEC Commissioner
01/20/2022 "I Will Not Give Up This Fight": On Rachel Maddow Show, Klobuchar Reiterates Commitment to Protecting Americans' Voting Rights
01/20/2022 Klobuchar, Grassley Statements on Judiciary Committee Passage of First Major Technology Bill on Competition To Advance to Senate Floor Since the Dawn of the Internet
01/20/2022 Tweet - "ICYMI: @SenTinaSmith , @GovTimWalz , and I teamed up last week to announce $60 million in federal funding to repair Minnesota's bridges. Thanks to the bipartisan infrastructure law, our state is getting the resources it needs to ensure our roads are safe."
01/20/2022 Letter to the United States Conference of Mayors - Feinstein, Thompson, 39 Members of Congress Call on Conference of Mayors to Ban Ghost Guns
01/19/2022 Tweet - "My colleagues and I -- both Democrats and Republicans -- are united in our support of Ukraine. Our message is clear: if Russia invades, there will be consequences."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "There's no mention of a filibuster in the Constitution."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "The fight for voting rights continues. Watch live:"
01/19/2022 Tweet - "I'll never stop fighting for voting rights."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "With history's eyes on us and with so much at stake, we must and we will fight on."
01/19/2022 Klobuchar, Bipartisan Group of Colleagues Debrief with President Biden Following Trip to Ukraine
01/19/2022 Tweet - "It is on us, with the support of the Constitution, to take action. The people of this country will not tolerate silencing."
01/19/2022 Klobuchar, Hoeven Secure Significant Federal Funding for Comprehensive Flood Protection in Fargo-Moorhead, Surrounding Areas
01/18/2022 Tweet - "The freedom to vote is the heartbeat of our democracy, and I won't stop fighting to protect it."
01/18/2022 Tweet - "Arguing that Senate rules are more important than voting rights ignores the history of this nation. Does it really seem like the Framers envisioned a system where a minority could stand in the way of legislation, throw a wrench into the process, walk out the door, and go home?"
01/18/2022 H.R. 5746
01/18/2022 ICYMI: More Than 35 Tech Companies Come Out in Support of Klobuchar, Grassley Legislation to Stop Big Tech Self-Preferencing
01/17/2022 Klobuchar Statement on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
01/17/2022 Tweet - "As we observe this holiday, let us honor Dr. King's legacy by ensuring our actions live up to our words. We will keep moving forward as one nation, channeling Dr. King's spirit as we fight to protect the ideals of democracy on which the U.S. was built."
01/17/2022 Klobuchar, Bipartisan Group of Colleagues Travel to Ukraine, Will Meet With Ukraine President in Face of Russian Aggression
01/17/2022 IN UKRAINE: Klobuchar Emphasizes Bipartisan Commitment to Defending Ukraine in the Face of Russian Aggression, Highlights Minnesota Ukrainian-American Community
01/17/2022 "We Stand with Ukraine:" Following Meeting with Ukraine President, Klobuchar Reiterates Support for Ukraine in the Face of Russian Aggression

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