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Eric Massa's Public Statements

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03/03/2010 Letter to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - U.S. Embassy Contracts
03/01/2010 Rep. Eric Massa Calls For Senator Jim Bunning To End His Obstructionism
02/26/2010 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Bring GM to Negotiating Table and Save Delphi Pensions
02/24/2010 Rep. Eric Massa Votes To End Antitrust Exemption For Health Insurance Industry
02/17/2010 Rep. Eric Massa Reflects On One Year Anniversary Of American Recovery And Reinvestment Act
02/16/2010 Chesapeake Pulls Application To Put Toxic Dump Next To Keuka Lake
02/10/2010 Letter To The Honorable George Winner, State Senator, 53rd District Of New York
02/05/2010 Rep. Massa Optimistic Following Announcement Of Significant Decrease In The Unemployment Rate
02/04/2010 Rep. Massa Says "Enough Is Enough" In Votes For Common Sense Economics
02/04/2010 Rep. Massa Fights Against House Minority Plan To Privatize Social Security And Dismantle Medicare
02/02/2010 Congressman Eric Massa Calls For Halt Of U.S. Purchases Of Russian-Made Helicopters
01/28/2010 Congressman Eric Massa Issues Response To State Of The Union Address
01/22/2010 Rep. Eric Massa Calls On Senate To Reject Reconfirmation Of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke
01/21/2010 Congressman Eric Massa Says Enough Is Enough
01/21/2010 Congressman Massa Participates In Important House Armed Services Committee Hearing On Fort Hood Shooting
01/08/2010 MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript
01/06/2010 Congressman Eric Massa Responds To NY State Of The State Address
12/30/2009 MSNBC "The Ed Show" -Transcript
12/29/2009 Rep. Massa Calls For Former And Present Administration Officials To Testify Before Homeland Security Committee
12/24/2009 Still Can't Vote For It
12/17/2009 Rep. Eric Massa Helps Pass Jobs For Main Street Act
12/17/2009 Rep. Massa Successful In Helping Secure Release Of $290 Million For Struggling Dairy Farmers
12/16/2009 Rep. Massa Votes To Keep Congress At Work
12/15/2009 Rep. Eric Massa Votes To Impose Strict Sanctions On Those That Supply Refined Petroleum To Iran
12/11/2009 Rep. Massa: "I Will Not Vote For A Bill Which I Believe Hurts My District"

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