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Jim Clyburn's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test)



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Jim Clyburn has failed to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2020 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart and voters like you.

What is the Political Courage Test?

Issue Positions

For Presidential and Congressional candidates who refuse to provide voters with their positions, Vote Smart has researched their public records to determine their likely responses. These issue positions are from 2020.

  • "As a husband, father to 3 girls & grandfather, I strongly support women's rights and reproductive freedom. #tbt" (
  • Rated 100% by Planned Parenthood (
  • Voted in favor of H.Amdt.209 "Overseas Military Facilities Abortion Amendment" (
  • Voted in favor of H.R.8 "Job Protection and Recession Prevention Act of 2012" (
  • "The problem w/ @SpeakerRyan's #BetterOffNow slogan is that the wealthiest few were already #betteroff. After the #GOPTaxScam they're #MUCHbetteroff, while working families continue to struggle. @HouseDems offer #ABetterDeal." (
  • "So here we are on New Year's night, with the clock running out on the very existence of this Congress, finally considering bipartisan legislation to provide middle class tax cuts, require the wealthiest to, once again, pay their fair share so we can grow the economy, create jobs and protect the most vulnerable in our society. It is indeed well past time we got about the people's business." (
  • Rated 100% by Alliance for Retired Americans. (
  • Endorsed by National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. (
  • "Social Security isn't an 'entitlement.' It's the insurance hard-working Americans have paid for with every paycheck. The Social Security 2100 Act ensures this earned benefit will be available for the current generation of retirees and the generations to come. #Secure2100" (
  • "10 years ago, the #CitizensUnited decision authorized unlimited spending in our elections by outside groups & donors. We need a democracy that works for the people, not private interests. We must #EndCitizensUnited & restore power to the American people." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 1 - For the People Act. (
  • "The House passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act over two months ago, and we continue to call on the Senate to take up this bipartisan bill without delay," said Whip Clyburn. This legislation gives us an opportunity to live up to what Alexis de Tocqueville observed about America's greatness when he wrote, "America is not great because it is more enlightened than any other nation, but rather because it has always been able to repair its faults.' It is long overdue for us to repair some faults in our policing system and apply the greatness of America equitably to all of our citizens." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 7120 - George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020. (
  • Rated 5% by Center for Security Policy. (
  • "I am pleased with this bipartisan agreement that puts an end to the harmful threat of sequester by lifting the spending caps, protecting the full faith and credit of our country and raising the debt limit through July 2021. Democrats should support this important agreement because it achieves parity between domestic priorities and defense spending." (
  • Signed a letter stating: "Preserving the agreement in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 that required increased spending to be spread evenly between defense spending and non-defense discretionary accounts which have both been harmed by the ongoing sequester;" (
  • "A long history of neglect and disparate treatment have visited many challenges upon residents of the 6th Congressional district, and I am determined to do all that I can to turn those challenges into opportunities. Neglect and a lack of infrastructure development have left the 6th district lagging behind the rest of the state. Since being elected to Congress, I have directed millions of dollars in federal investments to several water and sewer projects along the I-95 corridor. Those funds will improve health conditions, educational opportunities and economic development in a region that is often referred to as 'the Corridor of Shame.' " (
  • "Infrastructure investment is key to improving the lives of all Americans but we must be sure to invest in more than just roads & bridges. We must also invest in clean water, renewable energy, & access to affordable broadband so that no one is left behind. #InfrastructureWeek" (
  • "The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act "Stimulus Bill" has created thousands of jobs in South Carolina and saved thousands more." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 22 - Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. (
  • Voted in favor of H.R.22 "Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act" (
  • "Republicans are trying to pay for their tax law by taxing basic employee benefits like transportation and parking for charities and places of worship. If they would increase the corporate tax rate by .03 percentage points, they could drop that tax entirely. #StopTheTaxHike" (
  • "The Senate last night passed a historic $2 trillion coronavirus response package that I will support when the House votes tomorrow. I am pleased to see this legislation include my priorities to send direct payments to most American families; a recurring weekly $600 payment over four months for unemployed workers affected by COVID-19; increase funding to community health centers and expand telemedicine; give temporary relief to those with federal student loans and to Historically Black Colleges and Universities for any capital finance obligations." (
  • Rated 0% by American Energy Alliance. (
  • "We must work together to create new infrastructure and jobs in clean energy so that we can begin to reverse the damage already done before it is too late." (
  • "Today's rule is the most significant step ever taken by the United States to reduce carbon emissions causing harmful climate change. In the face of overwhelming evidence and extreme weather, we know we must act." (
  • Voted in favor of H.Amdt.507 "Specifies the Authority of the Secretary of Interior on the Regulation of Methane Emissions" (
  • Voted in favor of HR 9 - Climate Action Now Act. (
  • "Today's rule is the most significant step ever taken by the United States to reduce carbon emissions causing harmful climate change. In the face of overwhelming evidence and extreme weather, we know we must act." (
  • Rated 85% by League of Conservation Voters. (
  • "This should be about whether or not it makes sense for individuals to be able to walk the streets with weapons that are made for war. This is also about whether or not we will have background checks to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of felons and the mentally ill. This should not be any kind of a question about constitutional rights." (
  • "It is just common sense that background checks should be required before an individual is allowed to buy a firearm, yet Congress refuses to pass legislation to close loopholes that allow gun sales to proceed before background checks are completed" (
  • Voted in fvaor of HR 1112 - Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019. (
  • Rated 0% by National Rifle Association. (
  • Rated 100% by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (
  • "My bill, H.R. 3051, would close the so-called "Charleston loophole," which allows for the sale of a gun to be consummated after three days, even if the background check has not been completed. That loophole allowed the confessed killer of the "Emanuel 9" to purchase a firearm which, if the background check had been completed, he would not have been allowed to buy." (
  • "Under the ACA, insurance companies can no longer discriminate against the 129 million Americans who have pre-existing conditions. 105 million Americans no longer have a lifetime limit on their health coverage. No longer can women be penalized by insurance companies simply for being women. Thanks to the ACA, 16 million Americans who were previously uninsured finally have the security of health insurance for their families." (
  • Rated 100% by American Public Health Association. (
  • "The law that Congressman Jim Clyburn steered to passage and President Obama signed into effect in March 2010 will give ALL Americans access to quality,affordable health care for the first time in history." (
  • Voted in favor of H.R.3590 "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (
  • Voted in favor of HR 6201 - Families First Coronavirus Response Act. (
  • "Millions of workers will get paid sick leave under #FamiliesFirst. What they need are protections now, not grandstanding. This emergency legislation is an important step in preventing the spread of this virus, and protecting American families." (
  • Rated 7% by NumbersUSA. (
  • "Bipartisanship means real smart border security solutions like sensors and drones, not a medieval edifice." (
  • Rated 7% by NumbersUSA. (
  • Signed a letter stating: "We respectfully request that you continue Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and engage in a vigorous legal defense of DACA in light of the renewed threat of litigation. Along with continuing to accept requests for DACA, we ask that you direct your administration to: (a) oppose any efforts to challenge DACA in the ongoing Texas v. United States litigation;' (b) ask the court to dismiss the complaint in United States v. Texas; and (c) refuse any settlement that would end DACA." (
  • Voted in favor of H.R.5281 "DREAM Act" (
  • "We believe it is undeniable that detention in a secure facilit is detrimental to mothers and children and is not reflective of our values as a Nation. Children re uire s ecial rotections and should not be laced in ail-like settings." (
  • "U.S. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn won't support any type of amnesty in plans to overhaul immigration, but he said it may be unfair to force people to travel back to their native countries to apply to re-enter the United States legally." (
  • "All immigrants deserve an opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Today, @HouseDemocrats voted to provide a pathway to citizenship for the millions of DACA, TPS, and DED recipients who make this country great. #DreamAndPromiseNow" (
  • Rated 5% by Center for Security Policy. (
  • "Trump's withdrawal from the Iran Deal erodes U.S. credibility. If Iran is honoring its commitments, we need to keep our word. Today's action risks conflict with Iran, imperils negotiations w countries like N. Korea and does great damage to America's leadership role in the world" (
  • Rated 5% by Center for Security Policy. (
  • "I am very concerned that this administration is trying to find ways to provoke a war with Iran. We’ve seen this playbook before with the disastrous war in Iraq – and we cannot afford to make the same mistake again." (
  • "Welcome news on drawndown of troops in Iraq." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 5430 - United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation Act. (
  • "The Trump administration is continuing their reckless trade agenda with these new Mexican tariffs that will do nothing to solve our immigration challenges and will disproportionately hurt South Carolina's auto industry. The President needs to rethink these tariffs now." (
  • "The Trump trade war has been a disaster for South Carolina. Jobs are being created in Shenyang instead of Spartanburg. We must put our constituents before politics and develop a less destructive and more effective strategy to deal with China." (
  • "China's resumption of auto tariffs puts thousands of SC auto jobs at risk. The president must end his trade war and work with our allies to address concerns with China responsibly." (

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