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Elizabeth Warren's Public Statements

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06/01/2023 ICYMI: On Senate Floor, Warren Calls for Confirmation of 221 Key Military Nominees, Blasts Republicans for Jeopardizing Military Readiness and National Security with Political Posturing
06/01/2023 Warren, Vance, Bipartisan Group of Senators Renew Push for Legislation to Claw Back Big Failed Bank Executive Pay
05/31/2023 -9999
05/31/2023 At Hearing, Warren Calls for Closing Crypto Loopholes Fueling Fentanyl Trade
05/31/2023 ICYMI: Senator Warren Delivers Speech Ahead of Republicans' Attempt to Force Millions of Americans to Make Retroactive Student Debt and Interest Payments, Claw Back Debt Relief from Public Servants
05/31/2023 Veterans Get Outside Day
05/30/2023 In Light of New Threats to Medication Abortion, Warren, Hirono, Duckworth, Smith Expand Investigation into Effects of State Abortion Bans
05/26/2023 Warren, Markey, Whitehouse Blast Chamber of Commerce "Cheerleading" Republicans' Radical Debt Ceiling Hostage Demands While Lobbying for Tax Breaks for Giant Corporations
05/25/2023 Warren, Garamendi Call Out Boeing and TransDigm for Refusing to Provide Cost or Pricing Data to Defense Department, Potentially Price Gouging Taxpayers
05/24/2023 Warren Leads 26 Senators to Reintroduce Bill Seeking Healing for Stolen Native Children and their Communities
05/24/2023 Warren, Markey, Keating, Moulton Urge Defense Secretary to Support Funding for Replacement of Cape Cod Canal Bridges
05/19/2023 Senator Warren Calls on FDIC to "Quickly, Forcefully, and Publicly" Reject Backdoor Bailout Attempt by Big Banks
05/19/2023 ICYMI: At Hearing, Warren Calls for Greater Ownership Transparency of Nursing Homes and Accountability for Corporate Owners' Patient Safety Failures
05/19/2023 Ahead of Graduation, Warren, Pressley Urge Failed Bay State College to Do Everything Possible to Help Students
05/18/2023 Warren Questions Banking Regulators' Decisions on Sale of First Republic Bank to JPMorgan
05/18/2023 At Hearing, Senator Warren Warned of Heightened Risk of Concentration in the Banking System Following JPMorgan Acquisition of First Republic Bank
05/18/2023 Warren, Grassley, Casey, Lawmakers Call for Greater Transparency in Nursing Home Ownership to Hold Bad Actors Accountable and Keep Patients Safe
05/18/2023 Senator Warren Urges FCC to Block Standard General-Tegna Deal
05/18/2023 ICYMI: Experts Agree with Senator Warren on Fed Reforms for Independent Inspector General to Restore Public Confidence
05/18/2023 Warren, Markey, Keating Urge Federal Highway Administration to Expedite Technical Review of Cape Cod Bridges Project
05/17/2023 -9999
05/17/2023 Warren Rebukes Weak Fed Ethics Rules, Inspector General for Contributing to Culture of Corruption by Failing to Hold Fed Officials Accountable
05/17/2023 Ahead of Subcommittee Hearing, Senators Warren, Scott Criticize Failures of Fed IG, Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Eliminate Conflicts of Interest and Promote Accountability at the Fed
05/17/2023 Chairing Subcommittee on Economic Policy, Senator Warren Highlights Need for Legislative Reforms to Promote Accountability, Transparency at Federal Reserve
05/16/2023 Disapproving the Action of the District of Columbia Council in Approving the Comprehensive Policing and Justice Reform Amendment Act

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