National Government Operations Special Interest Groups

Vote Smart reports on performance evaluations from all special interest groups who provide them, regardless of issue or bias. If you know of a group that provides ratings not included here, please contact us at

Descriptions of organizations are derived from the mission statement or description produced by each organization. Vote Smart does not evaluate or edit these descriptions.

Last Rating Last Endorsement SIG Name
N/A 2024 314 Action
N/A 2024 AAPI Victory Fund
2013 N/A Arab American Institute
N/A 2024 Asian American Action Fund
N/A 2024 BOLD Democrats (CHC BOLD PAC)
N/A 2020 Black To The Future Action Fund
N/A 2024 Blue America
N/A 2022 Brand New Congress
N/A 2021 Broader Representation Advocacy Team (BRAT-PAC)
N/A 2024 CAPA21
N/A 2018 Candidates With A Contract
2022 N/A Common Cause
N/A 2024 Congressional Black Caucus PAC
N/A 2020 Courage to Change
N/A 2022 Democracy For America
N/A 2022 Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
N/A 2022 Democratic Socialists Of America
N/A 2022 Elect Educators Everywhere
N/A 2021 Elevate PAC
N/A 2022 Emerge America
N/A 2024 Emgage Action
2024 2024 End Citizens United
N/A 2024 Equality PAC
N/A 2022 Every District
N/A 2017 Every Voice
N/A 2020 Flip The Senate
N/A 2024 Fund Her
N/A 2024 GOPAC Election Fund
N/A 2024 Higher Heights For America PAC
N/A 2023 Indian American Impact Fund
2020 2024 Indivisible
N/A 2024 Justice Democrats
N/A 2024 LGBTQ+ Victory Fund
N/A 2024 Latino Victory
N/A 2020 Leadership Now Project
N/A 2024 Let America Vote
N/A 2020 Los Angeles Women's Collective
N/A 2021 Matriarch
N/A 2020 Mijente
N/A 2024 Political Action
1990 2024 National Women's Political Caucus
N/A 2022 New American Leaders Action Fund
N/A 2024 NewDems Action Fund
N/A 2020 Off The Sidelines
N/A 2024 Our Revolution
N/A 2024 Poder PAC
N/A 2024 Progressive Action PAC (Congressional Progressive Caucus)
N/A 2022 Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC)
N/A 2020 Progressive Rising
N/A 2024 Progressive Turnout Project
2020 N/A Public Citizen
N/A 2024 Reproductive Freedom for All
N/A 2012 PAC
N/A 2021 Rose Caucus
N/A 2024 Run for Something
N/A 2024 Serve America PAC
N/A 2023 Sister District Project
2020 2018 Sustainable Politician Project
N/A 2024 The Collective Political Action Committee
N/A 2021 The States Project
2024 2012 U.S. Term Limits (USTL)
N/A 2024 Value In Electing Women Political Action Committee (VIEW PAC)
2010 2016 Vote Kids
N/A 2024 Vote Mama
N/A 2024 VoteVets
N/A 2024 Voter Protection Project
N/A 2024 Winning for Women
N/A 2020 Women's Campaign Fund