Voter Registration: New Jersey


Registration Deadline: The registration deadline to vote is 21 days prior to Election Day.


Party Affiliation: A registered voter currently affiliated with a political party who wishes to change their party affiliation must file a Political Party Affiliation Declaration Form 55 days before a Primary Election. 


A registered voter currently not affiliated with a political party may declare their party affiliation up to and including Primary Election day.


You can print and complete the Political Party Affiliation Declaration Form and mail or deliver to the Commissioner of Registration in your county or you can also file it with your municipal clerk. These cards are also available at your local Commissioner of Registration Office.


The Commissioner of Registration cannot accept faxed copies or an electronic transmission of Party Affiliation Declaration Forms, since an original signature is required.



Age: At least 17 years old, though you may not vote until you have reached the age of 18


Citizenship: Must be a United States citizen


Residency: Must be a resident of the county for 30 days before the election


Felony Convictions: Must be A person not serving a sentence of incarceration as the result of a conviction of any indictable offense under the laws of this or another state or of the United States.


ID Requirements: In order to register you must provide:

   -NJ driver's license number;

   -MVC Non-driver ID number;

   -Last four numbers of your social security number;

  If you have none of the above you must provide a COPY of a current and valid photo ID, or a document with your name and current address on it to avoid having to provide identification at the polling place.


If you did not provide identification to the county commissioner of registration or if the identification information could not be verified (i.e., your driver's license number or the last four digits of your social security number), YOU MAY BE ASKED TO SHOW IDENTIFICATION AT THE POLLING PLACE WHEN YOU GO TO VOTE.


Identification may include, but not limited to, any Current and Valid Photo ID:

NJ driver's license, Military or other Government ID, Student or Job ID, Store Membership Card, United States Passport,


Bank statement, Car registration, Government check or document, Non-photo NJ driver's license, Rent receipt, Sample Ballot, Utility bill, or any other official document




In person: Registration Application Forms are available from the Division of Elections, the Commissioners of Registration office in the County where you live or from your Municipal Clerk. Registration forms are also available at Division of Motor Vehicle offices..


You can also register to vote at the same time you are applying for assistance or service at the following agencies:

   -NJ Medical Assistance & Health Services Program

   -WIC (Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infant & Children)

   -Work First NJ Programs

   -Division of Developmental Disabilities

   -Office of Disability Services - Department of Human Services - Public Offices

   -Armed Forces of the United States Recruitment Offices

   -Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services - Department of Labor

   -Commission of the Blind & Visually Impaired

   -County Welfare Agency or County Board of Social Services


By mail/ in writing: You can also print a registration application and after entering required data, mail it to the Commissioners of Registration office in the county where you reside. In addition, this form can be used for name and address changes.


The Commissioners of Registration cannot accept faxed copies or an electronic transmission of a voter registration form since an original signature is required. 



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To register online, you will need your date of birth and one of the following forms of identification:

A current and valid Driver’s License or a non-driver Identification Card (ID card) issued by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Your information will be provided to the MVC to validate identification, and to retrieve a copy of your digitized signature.


A Social Security number To use your social security number, you must have the ability to sign on-screen or upload your signature to complete the registration process. If you are unable to provide a digital signature, you can not register online.


Online: New Jersey voter registration verification


Phone: Contact your Commissioner of Election Office




In person: A voter may also apply in person to the County Clerk until 3:00 p.m. the day before the elections


By mail: Mail your applications to your Commissioners of Registration office.

To receive your ballot by mail, the application must be received by the county clerk 7 days prior to the election.


The County Clerk cannot accept faxed or emailed copies of a Application for Vote by Mail Ballot, unless you are a Military or Overseas Voter, since an original signature is required.


Military and overseas voting: Military and overseas voters can submit a state form or the Federal Postcard Application. More information for Military and Overseas Voters available here.




Location and time: If returning your Ballot in person it must be received by the County Board of Elections before close (8pm) of polls on Election Day. 


If returning your Mail-In Ballot by mail, it must be postmarked no later than Election Day and received by the County Board of Elections no later than 48 hours after the time of the closing of the polls for the election.

General Election 2020 Information:  

Vote by mail ballots that are sent through the mail must be postmarked by Election Day, November 3rd, 2020, and received by the county Board of Elections on or before November 10th, 2020.




Verifying Registration: New Jersey voter registration verification


Deciding how to vote:


Polling Place: New Jersey polling place finder


How to Vote: Voter Rights and Accessibility Information


Getting your vote counted: View your Voter bill of Rights.


Problems with voting: For more information click here


Verifying provisional ballot status: After the election, you can call 1-877-NJ-VOTER (1-877-658-6837) to find out if your ballot was counted. If your ballot was not counted, you can find out why it was rejected.


Verifying vote by mail ballot status: Contact your local Commissioner of Elections for more information. Or you can call 1-877-NJ-VOTER (1-877-658-6837) to find out if your ballot was counted, after the election. If your ballot was not counted, you can find out why it was rejected.