Voter Registration: Vermont


Registration Deadline: You may register to vote on any day up to and including the day of the election. However, if you register online the day before the election or on Election Day, your application may not be processed and your name may not appear on the checklist and you may be asked to fill out another application at the polls. To be sure your name appears on the checklist, please register by the Friday before the election.


Party Affiliation: There is no party registration in Vermont. All registered voters can vote in the primary election-but can only vote one ballot. You will be given a ballot for each of the major parties. You mark one of the ballots and put the remaining unvoted ballots into a discard bin.



Age: Must be 18 years or older on or before election day

Citizenship: Must be a United States citizen

Residency: Must be a resident of Vermont and a resident of the town in which you apply to be added to the checklist

Voter’s oath: has taken, or has previously taken, the Voter’s Oath

ID Requirements: If you are registering to vote for the first time in Vermont by mail, you must include a photocopy of an acceptable form of ID. Acceptable forms of ID are:

   -A valid photo ID(driver's license or passport);

   -A copy of a current utility bill;

   -A copy of a current bank statement; or

   -A copy of another government document.



Online: Online registration 

In person: Obtain and complete an application in person at your local town clerk.

By mail/ in writing: Download a copy of the application, fill it out and send it to your town clerk.



Online: You can check your registration status online.

Phone: contact your town or city clerk.



Who can vote absentee: Any registered Vermont voter can vote by absentee ballot



Online: Vermont Absentee Ballot Application

In person: A voter may pick up a ballot at the town clerk’s office at any time beginning forty-five days prior to the general or primary election or 20 days before a municipal election using an Australian ballot. A voter may vote in the clerk's office, during normal business hours, anytime after the ballots are delivered until the day before the election.

By mail: Any voter can request that the town clerk mail them an early voter absentee ballot. Any voter may also send a completed absentee ballot request form to the local town clerk.


Military and overseas voting: Military and Overseas absentee voter information and registration


Other absentee ballot information: All early voter absentee ballot requests must be submitted by 5:00 pm, or the close of the Town Clerk's office on the day before the election. All ballots must be returned to the town clerk’s office before the close of the office on the day before the election, or to the polling place before 7 p.m. on the day of the election, in order to be counted.



Location and time: Early or absentee voter ballots must be returned to the clerk's office before the close of business on the day before the election (be sure to check your town clerk's hours) or to the polling place by 7:00 pm on Election Day. The ballots may be returned by mail or in person, unless the ballots were delivered by justices of the peace who would then return them to the town clerk. The town clerk must record receipt of the voted ballot(s) on the list of early or absentee voters.



Polls open between 5 am and 10 am, depending up the town. All polling places close at 7 pm.


In Vermont, only first time voters who have registered by mail have to show ID in order to vote. If you registered when you renewed your driver’s license, or as part of a voter registration drive, you will not be required to show ID.


If you plan to wear candidate paraphernalia, you will have to cover it while inside the building containing the polling place.



Verifying Registration: To verify your voter registration status, please contact your local town clerk's office.

Deciding how to vote:

Getting your vote counted: Know your Voting Rights

Problems with voting: Call 1-800-439-8683

Verifying absentee ballot status: To verify your absentee ballot status, please contact your local town clerk's office.